God Delights in Our Testimony

God Delights in Our Testimony

Our pastor began his message with the question, “Can your faith be seen?”

Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

What are we focused on? Are we so blinded by our desires so we are unable to see what God is working out for our good?

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

It had only been one week since our home here in Florida went on the market. Having never sold a home before I had no idea what this process would be like. I expected the first person who looked at our home to buy it. I didn’t picture multiple showings and what that entailed. 

Each showing required the house to be vacated by Lanny, myself and our fury friend, Badger. Racing around the house just prior to showing I’d position pillows on the couch, check the bathrooms, bedrooms and floors to be sure the house would present well. 

After a week and no offers, I was already tiered. As I prayed, I sensed God was going to send a cash buyer the next day. I thanked him for that buyer. I texted our realtor and said, “Believing God for a cash buyer tomorrow.” I knew they would have to offer us list price because Lanny was not willing to let the house sell for less. 

Two days prior we sat with our friends. Lanny expressed his need to be offered full price for the house. I remember saying, “I believe God will provide two buyers and they will bid the price up and we will get more than the house was listed for.” I remember being shocked by what came out of my mouth but knew it was from God.

Looking down at my phone, I read, “Call me, you got your wish. I have an offer from a cash buyer.” I knew it was not only my wish but God’s answer to prayer. Our realtor explained the cash offer was solid and 5K below list price. Because it was a cash offer, she encouraged us to take it as it could save us other costs. The buyers wanted an answer that day.

 I knew Lanny wanted list price. I told our realtor we expected above list price due to a “bidding war”. She quickly explained why she did not do business that way. It made sense but I wondered about the comment I had made to our friends just a couple days prior.

Lanny decided we would wait till after our 3:30 showing that day to make a decision. We continued to pray. I remember saying God I really sensed two people would both want the house and bid the price up. Within hours we received a call from our realtor. She began with, “You can stop praying now.” The 3:30 showing offered us cash and list price. She let us know we could let them buy the house or we could allow the original couple to submit another offer.

Taking a deep breath, we both knew what needed to be done. As we signed the sale contract at the end of the day, we both gazed at the selling price 5.5K above list. 

My testimony is God. God loves us so deeply. He fills us with hope even when we are weary. He can always be trusted. 

The testimonies of our mouth build our faith. As our faith grows, we are changed. When we declare what God has done others are impacted by our testimony.

What testimony do you have? When have you seen God do what others say could not be done? 

8 thoughts on “God Delights in Our Testimony

  1. I admire your faith Joanna. Our friendship has taught me many things these past few years. You and Lanny will be greatly missed around the “hood”. 💙

    1. Yes, God is great. You will always have a part of my writing journey. Looking forward to what God will continue to do in our journey together. Thank you for your love and support. We will continue to stay in-touch.

  2. Joanna, your words are so beautiful and so true!
    Thank you for being bold enough to share your story! You are an encouragement to me to keep moving forward!

    1. Amen, sister. I am propelled by Holy Spirit to advance in His might. I love the power He has placed within you. You have been an inspiration to me my friend.

  3. Joanne
    I find you a beautiful warm hearted friend. You and Lanny will be sorely

    1. You are a beautiful lady. We love you very much and will come and see you when we are in Florida. Thank you for reading and I cherish your words of encouragement to me. It means so much.

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