Mighty Protector-God’s Perspective

Mighty Protector-God’s Perspective

Lanny and I were introduced to skill 13, “See What God Sees” at Thrive today training in Holland Michigan. This skill is also explained in Chris Coursey’s book Transforming Fellowship It helps us to see people and events from God’s perspective. When we have God’s perspective we are filled with hope and direction (Heartsight). 

Life if we’re honest is riddled with joy and pain. Experiencing God’s presence in the midst of our emotion brings peace, joy and healing.

John 16:33 These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.

My sister recalls an event from our early childhood. This memory escapes my conscious mind but would bring understanding to my childhood and many adult struggles.

I’ve learned not to focus on the pain or perceived trauma but rather experience God’s presence in the midst of the painful memory. This memory was different as it was my sister’s memory of something that happened to us.

Over the months my mind would wander to this memory. The more I focused on it and tried to understand the details of it the less joy I felt. I have to be honest that this was causing me pain. 

Alone one morning I prayed and asked God to heal me. I asked Jesus where He was when the predator appeared. I’d like to share His response to me.

Encompassed in His mighty arms, my tender body lay. He did not stop predators attack but held me tightly to Himself.

Upon the cross He hung. Every offense He bore.

The day He breathed His last, my soul was freed.

He did not stop with me but instead turned to my predator and said I did this for thee.

Shame and guilt hung their heads for upon the cross they were nailed. 

It is finished was His cry, for today I die to ransom all. 

The tiny child treated unjustly along with the cruelest predator was granted freedom that day.

How He bore all the worlds sin and shame upon the cross I may never know.

Today I am free because God through His son Jesus ransomed not just me but everyone who sinned against me, if only we receive.

I need not live under shame and regret but look to my redeemer who ransomed me.

When the pain of trauma visits, I ask Jesus please show me thee. 

As I see His gentle arms wrapped around me, I grasp the magnitude of what was nailed upon the tree.

It was not just for me He died but for everyone who sinned against me. 

The freedom granted us that day brings liberty to all, if only we believe. Written by: Joanna F. Leonard

There is not a time in my life or a memory that haunts me that Jesus was absent. His presence preserves me and now grants me freedom.

With the understanding of God’s presence, we are free to appreciate, receive and share joy with others. He created us to be in relationship, protected by Him and His family. We say thank-you God.

In what ways have you experienced His presence? What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Joanna, and for giving voice to what Jesus showed you about the cross. It is so freeing. It’s so helpful to know we are never alone in our suffering.

    1. Thank You, Charles. Yes you are so right. I’m thankful that even when I felt alone I can sense Jesus’ presence in the memory. What a beautiful way to heal.

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