Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

In asking God for a verse for 2020 He gave me this several weeks ago. I was not willing to accept it as my verse for this coming year until He began to speak to me some of the changes, He is bringing my way. I will embrace it knowing that all my suffering here on this earth is a gift from God as He heals and matures me and continues to strengthen me for His ministry. It is through our temporary sufferings that His glory is revealed in us.


Romans 8:18 For I consider the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.


Many of us are preparing to say goodbye to 2019. As I anticipate a new year on the calendar tomorrow, I also anticipate some new beginnings and endings.


It’s been a year since I began my blogging journey. It’s been a great year. Through writing, I have been able to talk out many issues and queries with you my dear readers. I’ve loved sharing this journey with you.


As many of you know Lanny and I recently sold our Florida home and moved permanently here to PA. After selling our home in Florida our plan was to relocate all our personal belongings to PA as we had a house here. We planned on buying a travel vehicle and becoming mobile as we visited many friends and family.


Upon arriving here due to different circumstances it was clear we were not ready to buy an RV and hit the road together.


My Dad who had spent the last four winters with us in Florida was not able to travel out of PA this winter due to declining health. It is a blessing to be here with him.


Recently he handed me files of his writings since 1950 and asked if I would consider compiling them for him in some way. He would like them organized and copied and shared with each of his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.


My initial reaction was that I had no time. In praying over these files and reading some I am compelled to continue to read and organize them. I would love to grant my dad his wish and get them in an organized written form and distributed. This is a big job.


When I brought them home Lanny asked why I thought he ask me to do this job and not my brother Roger who recently retired. I considered this question and felt awed that my dad had chosen me. It’s a privilege to read through his legacy of faith and prepare it to be left for all. I’m blessed to do this for my dad as he prepares for his heavenly home.


I say all this to pave the way for what I need to share. In taking a close look at 2019 and now anticipating 2020 I feel a huge change is coming my way.


Many of you know I did not start my blogging last year with writing skills. I began with a clear call to journey with you my readers as God healed me. I never learned how to type so my writing is slow and laborious.


As we come to the end of 2019, I must say goodbye. I hope to continue to post from time to time. I love seasons of life and as I look ahead in 2020, I anticipate a new season. I love each and every one of you and thank you so much for your support and your beautiful conversations.


For years I have felt like God wanted me to share my healing journey in a book form. That was the beginning of my writing pursuit. Through this journey I have been introduced to some of the most incredible authors and books, many of them I have shared with you throughout my posts.


If I had never begun writing, I truly believe I would not have met the people I have grown to love nor read the books I have devoured. I certainly would not have the skills to do what my dad is asking me to do. I am awed as I see God’s loving hand in preparing me.


It is with sorrow I say goodbye to this season but with joy, I anticipate the new. 2020 is going to be a year like none other. I long to pay attention to what God is doing. He will continue to shake the core of many of our lives. As this core is shaken, He will lead us in directions we never considered before.


What direction is He leading you in? What changes do you see on the horizon for 2020?

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6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. So thankful that you are called to do this for Dad. Thank you❤️ Please be sure his poems are in there? He still knows one by heart, if not.
    We will miss your blogs, but I know we will still be blessed by you.

  2. Joanna, this post is beautifully written. As I read your words, I thought of the word God has given me for 2020… Confidence.

    My sister, look at the gift you’ve been given of confidence! I remember when you would doubt your writing ability and your technical skills. I remember the obstacles you thought you saw before you when you started blogging. Joanna, your dad picked the perfect person to tell his story… You have the most beautiful heart.

    I just reread the scripture God gave you and had these thoughts:

    Sufferings are battles. Battles are blessings from God for thru the battles we recognize His closeness, His goodness, His Providence and His Sovereignty. Battles build stories of hope for those who come after us for there is nothing new under the sun. Your dad is asking you to share his story of hope from the heart and your heart is a beautiful place because God lives in you. God’s dwelling place is the heart, the wellspring of life for the water off life flows from it. In writing first your father’s story and then your pen, the glory of the Lord will be revealed in you and thru you.

    My sister, I’m excited to see God move! He has pruned away the doubt and fear so that your confidence could grow. You are ready and it is beautiful!

    1. Amen to that last comment!
      Glad to hear you may post from time to time too. You are an inspiration! Let that Light shine!

  3. You are a blessing; your friendship and how the Lord uses you to write! I look forward to your book! May the Lord bless you with precious family time and the healing words to share in your next season!

    1. Thank you so much, Dacquin. Your words encourage me. I am thankful for your friendship. Your life testimony strengthens me and my relationship with Jesus. I love you and thank God for bringing our lives together.

  4. Your Dad asked you to do this because he feels the tenderness of your heart and wants the book to reflect your walk with the Lord as well as your Dad’s writings. He recognizes it needs a woman’s a touch and you are the one that our Heavenly Dad chose! Be abundantly blessed Joanna! I praise God that you have healed this far to take on this next chapter of your life and calling for Him.

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