Whose Voice are we Listening to? – Words Matter

Whose Voice are we Listening to? – Words Matter

James 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

Have you ever felt overwhelm with all the noise around you? The evening news is full of atrocities. Even the desensitized are jolted by the crimes committed. We’re outraged by the stories. How do we process such horrific acts? My solution has been to eliminate the evening news from my diet. Can we truly shut out the noise, the crippling drama?

Our pastor recently shared a message titled, “Words Matter”. He demonstrated his message by writing word on sticky tags and applying them to himself. He said words not only stick but they steer.  As he spoke, I reflected, if words matter, who am I listening to?  Words impact our decisions each day.  Who’s words we obey writes our eternity? Are we in tune with God or is the world drowning out His voice?

Imagine with me for a moment what a perfect world it would be if we all heard the voice of God and spoke words of life to others. How often do we allow the noise of a broken world to dictate what we say? The above verse says, “My sheep hear my voice”. Do we hear the voice of the Shepherd or are other voices drowning out His voice? 

God’s Word helps us attune to Him through scripture. I have found the Word of God to be a great filter as I process life’s events. God’s word spoke the Universe into being. In the same way, our words can be used to speak life or death to others. 

Who has our attention? What words have been spoken to us and who are we listening to? So often the demands and distractions of life can drown out the voice of God. Gratitude and attunement to Him can help us hear what He longs to tell us.  Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You is a wonderful resource about attuning to God. 

Today we said good-bye to our son, Karson, as he flew west to hike the Pacific Crest Trail for the next several months. Thanking God for His love for our son, I quiet. I read aloud Psalm 91 and speak God’s protection over him. I listen to the promises that He gives me as I silence any other voice. I recognize how I am feeling. I reflect on the big six emotions, (anger,sadness,fear,disgust,shame and hopelessness) I scan my mind and body as we drive to the airport. I attune with God and the comfort He gives. I notice what voice I allow to feed my thoughts. I pray.

We listen to God as we attune to Him and recieve His protection. God sees us, He hears us, understands us and assures us that He is with us. We are not alone. I have found Joyful Journey Listening to Immanuel to be a wonderful resourse as I listen to God and recieve His comfort.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic Words Matter and Whose Voice are We Listening To? What words have “stuck” and steered you? Do you have a favorite scripture or quote that encourages and protects you?

2 thoughts on “Whose Voice are we Listening to? – Words Matter

  1. I really enjoyed your blog Joanna. It is so important to be constantly reminded that we are to stay in contact with Jesus and hear His voice within ourselves. You seem to have a very clear ability to do that and it inspires me.

    This morning I asked God this question.

    “It feels silly to believe that I can hear Your voice Lord. Who am I to say I can hear you God?”

    This is how Jesus responded.

    “You asked me if it was silly to think that you could hear from me and share a conversation. I tell you that it is silly to believe anything less than this for yourself. Since I am the Consciousness that creates and sustains all things, and you are the highest form of my expression in the world, it would be very silly to believe that you cannot know my thoughts or share a mind with me. Believing that you hear me and know me within yourself is the highest and most rational and sensible thought that you could ever have because it reveals our Union. Don’t listen to so called rational people who tell you that you cannot hear God. That is the real foolishness that leaves people lonely, afraid and confused.”

    1. Amen. Charles what you have shared is amazing. Thank you so much for relaying this beautiful conversation you had with God. I love how Papa desires to converse with us. Nothing is too small. He loves every detail of our lives and longs to be involved with us as we commune with Him. Considering He created us this makes so much sense. I really appreciate what you shared. Thank you.

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